Meet the Familias Activas team

Back row from left to right: Ali Hurtado Choque, Eva Sumano, Alex Chan, Matt Rodriguez, Maddie Boyer
Front row from left to right: Franco Cabrera, Daisy Bautista, Ricardo Doig, Jack SaFranco

Our Familias Activas team has a wide range of skills and experience. Led by Dr. Ali Hurtado Choque, a University of Maryland assistant professor in the School of Public Health, our team has members from our community partner Casa along with soccer coaches and University of Maryland faculty and staff.

The goal of the program is to strengthen parents and youth in the areas of mental wellness and physical activity. The nine-week program meets on Saturdays and has two groups that meet in the morning and early afternoon. The strength of this program lays in having both the parents and youth participating in the program together. The program provides a parenting skills format and also a youth soccer format. In addition, there is a free mobile health application that provides videos and online soccer and mental wellness resources for parents and youth. Also, follow us on Twitter @Familia_Activa.

For questions about this initiative, please contact us through our online webform.