1.5: Stimulus Language

We have already talked about various communication strategies and positive parenting. One way to put them together is to use positive language. We will call it a stimulus language. Please complete each of the sentences below with things you could say to your son or daughter. The first sentence is an example.


-I like you when… (for example “I like you when you order your room”)

-I know that you are capable of ... (For example, "I know that you are able to keep getting good grades")

-You can be strong and healthy when ... (For example "You can be strong and healthy when you exercise")

-I value your ... (For example "I value your sense of humor")


Now, we suggest you write a letter to your child telling them about your hopes and dreams for them, expressing how much you love him, how proud he is of him or her, and how important it is that they stay healthy to fulfill their dreams and goals. . You can use the phrases you wrote in the boxes in this section.