2.2.2: Calculating How Much we Consume

Find a snack pack you have at home and specify how much of this snack pack is frequently seen. Is it half the package? The whole package? Write it down. Then follow the next steps:

1. See how many calories are in each serving of that snack

2. Now look at a minimum equivalent to one serving (for example, if they are cookies, specifically they are cookies one serving).

3. Multiply the number of servings you can come with by the number of calories in each serving. Those are the calories you actually consume when you come in for that snack.

4. Now calculate how far we should walk to reach caloric balance. Remember, 30 minutes of walking spends 140 cal. Approximately Then, if in point 3 your result was consuming 280 calories, dividing that number of calories by 140, we will thus have the number of minutes necessary to balance the calories you ate.