5.1: Let’s Practice At Home

Sugar sweetened beverages can add a high number of calories to your day. They are the number one source of calories in teen’s daily intake! Reducing or eliminating the quantity of SSB will help you to reach your goal of daily energetic balance.

Do one or more of these activities with your family this week:

  1. Take all the SSB you have at home and without reading the labels, take turns between the family members to guess which one has the most sugar per portion. Then, read the labels to know who’s guess was closer to the reality. Do you think you can make the decision of stopping buying the beverage that has the most sugar?
  2. Have a challenge to see who can drink less SSB during the week.
  3. Make each of the family members to create their own refreshing beverage using fruit juice (100% natural) and seltzer water. Try each of the new creations.