6.1: Let’s Practice at Home

Do one or more of these activities this week:

1. Decide with your family what sweet and savory snacks they will no longer have available at home and what they will replace them with.

2. Do you have times when any of you feel like you really want a sweet or savory snack? Maybe after school or work? Or after a break from work? Each family member tell their experience of the times when something similar has happened to them and what they think they should do to avoid it (or what to eat to satisfy their "craving") so that they can reduce the number of calories.

3. For example, baked potatoes instead of chips or popcorn instead of something more salty. It can also be fruit or half the amount of sweets you usually eat. Text each other with a reminder to make a healthier decision as each of you commented that you usually fancy a snack.

4. At home or at the grocery store, compare the number of calories a serving of potatoes has to the number of calories a bag of low-fat popcorn has per serving.