Familias Activas to start its third year of programming in March.

As we kick off the third year of Familias Activas, we are filled with pride and excitement. Being part of this program has been excellent. It’s not just about attending sessions; it’s about being part of a family that supports each other. We’ve learned much about handling challenges while staying true to our culture. The mental health workshops have been a game-changer, helping us build resilience and confidence. And let’s not forget the soccer practices—they’re not just about exercise; they’re about bonding and having fun together. Familias Activas is more than a program; it’s our safe space to learn, grow, and succeed. Huge thanks to our community partners and mentors for their support. Here’s to another year of strength and progress! Let’s go, Familias Activas!

-The Familias Activas Team