2.3: Let’s Practice

You now know many good reasons why it’s important to limit sugar sweetened beverages for you and your child. You have also learned several parenting strategies and practices to help you set rules and discipline your child so they can make good decisions as they learn to become adults. Let’s look at some situations and see how you can put these into action, We’re going to look at some situations that involve limiting sugar sweetened beverages and see what strategies from the ones that we have learned would help you deal with this situation.

You are in a restaurant for your birthday with your family and your adolescent wants to order a soda

You have been encouraging your child not to buy Sugar sweetened beverages. When he/she goes out with his/her friends, he/she says that is his/her own money and he/she can spend it as he/she wishes

Your teen is overweight and does not do much physical activity. You know he/she is drinking a lot of SSB when he/she is with his/her friends

Your teen is in the soccer team. The coach encourages the players bring Sport drinks to the games and practices. You want your kid to bring water instead, but he/she does not want to be the only one

Usually you make your own version of your favorite drink (Horchata) using white rice, condensed milk, evaporated milk, vanilla, cinnamon and sugar. Is one of your favorite drinks because it reminds you home. You know you want to reduce the consumption of SSB, but not this one. Your teen asks you to follow the same rules you have taught him/her